EasyPal-Icom IC-7300

Took me a while to nut it out, come’s down to what type of rig your using and what software you want to use

I run a IC-7300 with MMSSTV and EasyPal, EasyPal took a bit to nut out but I got there in the end with the help from guys that run the afternoons SSTV  on 7.214 LSB, also 7.171 LSB is used along with another 28.680 USB

Take a look here https://wasstv.net/wasstv.net/index.html  good place to start, hope it helps.

Install your Icom – 7300 drivers , download USB drivers

These settings work for me, I had a little help from the guy’s that are on 7.214

EasyPal – Easypal is a freeware DSSTV software
MMSSTV – freeware software for Windows by Mako JE3HHT
QSSTV for Linux – SSTV program for the Linux platform

EasyPal setting up and help, visit here

cheers for now VK6KFK

Upgraded Base Plate

Hi I wasn’t happy with the older base plate style, so I changed it to suit my needs, so far so good, hoping to get it up over the Easter Break, A big thank you to Alastair Mcdougall of Narrogin, for welding the base plate for me, here are some photo’s.

Tower Update

Its been a while, been busy with work and I spend a day on the weekend working on the Tower and the Rotator Cage, Now I’m up too adding the steel beam to the truss of the shed for the Winch setup. Here are some new photo’s of the Rotator Cage. A big thank you to Jim Curnow of Narrogin, he welded the bars to the Galv Tube at the top of the Rotator cage.

Rotator Shaft Cage

I’ve been at this for month’s, a little bit each weekend, My next stage done, the rotator shaft cage, its about 2m in lenght should be enough for the rotator and center pole, then antenna on top TE-23 Yagi for 10m and 15m, this sit’s on top of the 4.5m tower, so all toll about 7.m, I may add a 40m dipole as well later down the track, get the tower up first.. cheers and 73’s

Gallery Awards

Hi all, I’ve decided not to upload any more of my awards to my gallery, I have too many there’s just under 2000 of them, I will at a later date rerange them showing only the 100th contacts in lots, like so 100, 200, 300 and so on, hope you get what I mean, anyways be safe and 73’s

New Towers Coming

I did a wifi job for a fella and he has given these towers and a 5 element yagi, so the plan is to pick that up next weekend and bring them home, more updates later to what I’m going to do, I have three lots of Tower’s, one is up for sale for $500 for VK6 members I have sent an email with pics and details on the SEG mailing list

4×4 removed from shed

Had rough time getting the old girl out of the shed ready to fit a Electric Winch to the inside of the shed beam to pull tower up, didn’t want the Crusier in there when lifting the tower for the 1st time. another job done.