EasyPal-Icom IC-7300

Took me a while to nut it out, come’s down to what type of rig your using and what software you want to use

I run a IC-7300 with MMSSTV and EasyPal, EasyPal took a bit to nut out but I got there in the end with the help from guys that run the afternoons SSTV  on 7.214 LSB, also 7.171 LSB is used along with another 28.680 USB

Take a look here https://wasstv.net/wasstv.net/index.html  good place to start, hope it helps.

Install your Icom – 7300 drivers , download USB drivers

These settings work for me, I had a little help from the guy’s that are on 7.214

EasyPal – Easypal is a freeware DSSTV software
MMSSTV – freeware software for Windows by Mako JE3HHT
QSSTV for Linux – SSTV program for the Linux platform

EasyPal setting up and help, visit here

cheers for now VK6KFK