Rotator Shaft Cage

I’ve been at this for month’s, a little bit each weekend, My next stage done, the rotator shaft cage, its about 2m in lenght should be enough for the rotator and center pole, then antenna on top TE-23 Yagi for 10m and 15m, this sit’s on top of the 4.5m tower, so all toll about 7.m, I may add a 40m dipole as well later down the track, get the tower up first.. cheers and 73’s

Gallery Awards

Hi all, I’ve decided not to upload any more of my awards to my gallery, I have too many there’s just under 2000 of them, I will at a later date rerange them showing only the 100th contacts in lots, like so 100, 200, 300 and so on, hope you get what I mean, anyways be safe and 73’s