Antenna Tower Base Plate

Got stuck into the antenna tower base plate today and it’s done ready for the next stage, lifting of the 4.5m Tower for starters, just to line up the Top Trust Bearing and the Rototor Motor, once I’m happy with that then I add the other 4.5m, section and put up the TE-23 Yagi from TET-EMTRON, The “TET-EMTRON” Model TE-23 is an optium performance 2 element HF Beam Antenna for 14, 21, 28 MHz Band, I also have going up a Diamond X-200M a Dualband 2m/70cm Base Antenna from Strictlyham, all toll about 11m high plus the Diamond X-200M so about 14m from block to tip of vertical antenna. some photo’s for you to view, Yes thats a mini vacum cleaner it helped sucking the dust out of the hole.