SignaLink USB

Got one of these units two weeks ago for the set up of the Kenwood TS-440s for FT8 mode, first step was to repair the issue with the cmos battery with the radio it self and to fit the IC-10 Chips as well. Thanks to Paul K2PH for sending the Chips to me from the USA, view the Kenwood TS-440s repair gallery

this has been done I got a Digimode-4 from but I couldn’t get the settings right in WSJT-X Download Digimode-4 Manual

So a friend VK6VOX Ron sold me one for $50 ( Signalink USB ) but its fitted with a SLMOD6PM Plug & Play Jumper Module, they say it’s compatible with most icom and kenwoods models, I have a TS-440s, it is not the correct Module ! so we need the SLMOD13K module instead, Download the Signalink USB Manual.

So these are the settings needed for me to make it work with the Kenwood TS-440s

I will update once I do the jump settings and I also going to order the module called SLMOD13K, they say its alittle high and other’s have trim them down alittle to fit in side the housing. I did order the SLCAB13K kit a few weeks back comes with radio cable and the little jumper, extra photos of the SignaLink USB below

3-12-2022, I got these today, Breadboard Jumper Kit from JayCar CAT.NO:  PB8850, so they will do for setting the SignaLink USB for my radio the TS-440s