New Towers Coming

I did a wifi job for a fella and he has given these towers and a 5 element yagi, so the plan is to pick that up next weekend and bring them home, more updates later to what I’m going to do, I have three lots of Tower’s, one is up for sale for $500 for VK6 members I have sent an email with pics and details on the SEG mailing list

4×4 removed from shed

Had rough time getting the old girl out of the shed ready to fit a Electric Winch to the inside of the shed beam to pull tower up, didn’t want the Crusier in there when lifting the tower for the 1st time. another job done.

Antenna Tower Base Plate

Got stuck into the antenna tower base plate today and it’s done ready for the next stage, lifting of the 4.5m Tower for starters, just to line up the Top Trust Bearing and the Rototor Motor, once I’m happy with that then I add the other 4.5m, section and put up the TE-23 Yagi from TET-EMTRON, The “TET-EMTRON” Model TE-23 is an optium performance 2 element HF Beam Antenna for 14, 21, 28 MHz Band, I also have going up a Diamond X-200M a Dualband 2m/70cm Base Antenna from Strictlyham, all toll about 11m high plus the Diamond X-200M so about 14m from block to tip of vertical antenna. some photo’s for you to view, Yes thats a mini vacum cleaner it helped sucking the dust out of the hole.

united states counties award

I’ve earned the united states counties award, I hit the FT8 pretty hard last night on 40m and I think I got more than I thought I would of, working out the colours in WSJT-X as forsure helped me out a lot

Healing Up

Been home for a while healing and doing much better, I’m on my last week off, since then all my software is up to date and I’ve worked and fixed my sstv cams page I also have been working on my Quadrifilar Helix Antenna should have that done by the end of the week, and at night I’m working on my Kenwood TS-440S for digtal mode, I brought the Digimode-4-Kenwood interface and it doesn’t seem to be working for me, so looks like I’m in for another toy like the SignaLink USB SLUSB13K and put the Digimode-4-Kenwood interface away for another project.

WSJT-X Network Error SSL/TLS

I had an issue with WSJT-X after enabling the log colours and hitting rescan ADIF log, besides that WSJT-X is running fine. and its still logging to LoTW, you have to install the 32 bit or 64 bit version of Win32/Win64 OpenSSL, follow the link to download the file I recommend getting the latest Win64 v1.1.1 version of the OpenSSL libraries (Note: it is OK to install both versions on a 64-bit system) Note: you must check the Settings, General, Show DXCC, grid, and worked before “status” option to enable decode highlighting based on your log file.

Been working on Gear

Been working on my Tower Plate’s and Working on my SignaLink USB for the Kenwood TS-440s, other than that FT8 is going well for me, lots of new contacts all over the World, view latest post to your right, cheers and 73’s. O yer forgot to say I edited my eQSL card for Christmas Time, would be good to see other Ham Radio users do the same, You know share the spirit of christmas, In one month time I’ll change the card again.

Tower Plates

Been working on my Antenna Tower Base plate and the antenna mast thrust bearing 9501-001 plate, still working on the Rotator plate. I had them welded a few months ago and coated them with Cold Glav Paint and let it sit for a couple of weeks, then went on the Light Blue out door rust paint, it will do its a bit fancy but who cares. these will sit for a week, then its onto the Rotator plate.