SSTV Cams Page

Both cams pages have been fixed and updated, also got the FTP Widget740 working as well sites are VK6KFK cams or QSL.NET Cams

Download the FTP Widget740 from

Setup SSTVcam – Instructions for MMSSTV and KE5RS FTP Widget

Instuctions from Tjalling PE1RQM

  • Make a new folder on your local harddrive for temporary storage of SSTV received images.
  • In MMSSTV right mouse click on an image in the “thumbnails of history” screen (open it, if it isn’t there in menu “view”).
  • Choose “assign another folder name…”
  • Fill in the path to your new folder
  • Again, right mouse click on an image in the “thumbnails of history” screen and activate the following entries: “Auto copy to the another folder” – “Write time stamp in the copied image” and “Copy as JPEG format”
  • Download KE5RS FTP Widget 
  • Start FTP Widget and choose “file” – “properties”.
  • Fill in all the parameters of your hosting provider: FTP adress: – Username: yourusername – Password: yourpassword – Remote path: eventually an subfolder on the FTP server (for example: /public_html/images/) – Remote port: 21
  • Image Name Prefix: image – History images: 3 (depending on your template) – Delete original images: only if you want to delete the images on your local harddrive
  • Local Drive And Directory Path: Choose the path to the folder you assigned in MMSSTV as the “Auto copy to the another folder…”
  • More Options: Command delay: leave it default 0,5 (or try 0 for more speed if possible) – Use DELETE command: activate.
  • Click the “save” button to close this window.
  • To start FTP widget, choose the menu “file” and activate “scanning – F3”
  • Optionally choose menu “band” to upload an “online status GIF” to the webserver. Don’t forget to choose “none” when you stop receiving SSTV.