Quadrifilar Helix Antenna

Hi all thought I would give building a Quadrifilar Helix Antenna ago, so far I have brought the Copper tube I needed and cut them to the size needed with extra 5ml to get the extact measurements, I also got the lenght of PVC tube as well as the elbow ends. will update at a later date, Download PDF or Visit Tin Hat Ranch

30-10-2022, Did a bit more today, by making a rudimentary compass with a pencil and some brickers string, I cut the half moon shape and cut my PVC tube to about 1m long the rudimentary compass was a bit tricky has I have never done one or use one before so I made it 406mm half of 812mm, because 812mm was really big, but over all I’m happy with it and its what ham radio is about, learning as you go along.

12-11-2022 Messed about with the home made QFH antenna today, took abit to get my head around all this, but I’m getting there and thats what ham radio is all about learning as you go along, follow the link above, the guy from TinHatRanch only tells you how he did this, the rest you have to work out for your self, I found the 40mm PVC I’m using is weak at the top were the four shortest tubes go, I’m going to put a PVC Sleeve over it and make it double the thickness. The Blow torch I had gave up so I have to buy another.