FT8 What can I say

Well I’ve been smashing it hard using FT8 on 15m and 40m over the past two weeks, as a new licence holder I can see what all the fuss is about now, some say it’s to easy and other’s say its the only way one can make contacts, I found it all coming down to that person confirming your QSO, I do find it easy to use, thou hard to get a QSO from those stations I want, I’ve joined a few online clubs for awards and I’ll won a pile of awards, as I said a little too easy to get, so FT8 is taking the ham community by storm they say, I would rather be using SSB but until my Yagi goe’s up for 10m and 15m, I’ll hang with sstv and ft8 for now using the W8010 dipole.

P.S on another note this html editing all the time as nobs on it, plan is to install a WordPress site then import every thing over to that CMS, , details will be on QRZ at a later date, working out what OS server software I want to use, I’ve decided not to install a Home Server like Ubuntu and paid $15 for 6 months web space with all the online tools one could want like WordPress CMS in a easy to use Cpanel for web editing, not bad for $15:00 https://clickhost.com.au/